I am a potter, living in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts.  Although I don’t make my living from selling pots, I do love to make them. My goal is to make pots that are both functional and beautiful. I feel that the beauty of a pot derives from its form, so I strive to make graceful shapes, the decoration and glazing serving to compliment the shape. I draw inspiration from fellow ceramics students, my teachers, and potters through the ages.


I throw on the wheel with both porcelain and stoneware clay, sometimes adding decorative techniques including slip, underglaze and scrafitto. I glaze and fire my pots using both traditional and alternative methods: electric, gas, raku and pit, examples of which you will see on other pages.

I invite you to browse the other pages to learn more about the different firing techniques I use and see some examples. If you’d like to buy some, prices and description are given.